Ralph Lauren Eyewear at Vision Express

At some point or other we will all need glasses, either because shortsighted or longsighted or astigmatic or maybe we need glasses for reading or to work in front of the computer. And for sure sunglasses are an essentials for anyone. So as a shortsighted etc etc I was eager to go to the launch of the new range of Ralph Lauren Eyewear at Vision Express at their beautiful shop at 181-183 Oxford Street London W1D 2JT. Celebrity stylist Gemma Sheppard was there to give tips on how to chose the best frame for your features as well as interviewing those celebrity she styled at Dancing On Ice and X Factor who came to see the new range.
All the frames are beautiful, all square or soft rectangular shapes in high quality handmade acetate and the sunglasses are very elegant with their square shape, inspired by the ones worn by Mrs Lauren.  Sixteen models in different colours from the classic black or tortoiseshell to the more vibrant reds or lilac.
I love these delicate pair in lilac. The frame is not big so it is perfect for a small face and it is just the perfect shape so that the eyes are like in a shop window ready to be admired. The weight is not existent and it is very important because as every glasses wearer knows, the weight on the nose can be uncomfortable after a whole day wearing glasses. Ralph Lauren frames are light and the bridge doesn't push on the nose leaving it free from red bruises.
This frame is a real fun with the external sidearms in a bright red and black colour and the internal in a tortoiseshell print pattern. Next to it a silvery frame, very sophisticated and classic, after all not everyone is working in a creative environment and there is a need for elegant and muted frames that don't scream . Ralph Lauren Eyewear caters for everyone and everyone taste.
This frame is great, black on the outside and red on the inside. Actually one of the girls working there on the evening of the event looked stunning with these pair of glasses. I had an eye test from the very skillful people at Vision Express. They've been great and they've given me a very accurate eye test using all the latest technology. Check online at www.visionexpress.com where you can book an eye test and choose your own frame among the many brands they've got in store.


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