Balance Me Skincare

I came across the Balance Me skincare brand  and I've loved its credentials. The use of natural ingredients, the fact that these products are of the highest quality but there are affordable, the aromas are delicious and there are not "baddies" like parabens, sulphates, petroleum, artificial fragrances and colours and more.
The Anti Ageing Face Serum at £ 36.00 for 30ml  firms and lifts and plumps the skin with its concentration of 100% natural ingredients, the Natural Protection Daily Moisturiser with SPF 18  is essential to protect your skin. An SPF is vital because even if we don't live in a hot country, the sun is still shining and the damages are invisible to start with but then you will pay later. The Radiance Face Oil is fantastic, the smell is fabulous and a must under your moisturiser and before going to bed. At £ 30.00 for 30ml or £ 15.00 for 10ml is one of those essentials to keep in the make up bag. And the Wonder Eye Cream so light yet so effective, perfect to soothe tired eyes. Great value at £ 20.00 for 15ml.
The Radiance Face Mask takes only 5 minutes of your time exfoliating, cleansing and brightening a skin with no life. At £ 18.00 for 75ml it is one product to have. The lovely pot contains the Stellar Face Balm with ingredients like shea butter and neroli, protecting the skin while plumping it and smoothing it. At £ 18.00 for 50ml you can't miss it. The Rose Intensive Lip Balm is 100% natural, petroleum free and perfect to protect and to hydrate parched lips. The delicious blend of rose otto essential oils is the cherry on top of the cake. Store it in your make up bag, at £ 12.00 for 10ml this product will last forever.
The Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream is an anti ageing cream designed especially for deep lines and wrinkles, it is great as a night cream as well. At £ 30.00 for 50ml you've got premium protection with a small price tag. I love face mists and this Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist  is fantastic with its blend of rose water, neroli and spikenard essential oils. During the warm months and even when I'm working in front of my computer, I've always got a bottle of face mist. This one is priced at £20.00 for 60ml and the right size to carry in your handbag. The green packaging of the Facial Expression Filler  refines and lifts the skin as well as relaxing the muscles around the eyes,mouth and forehead that cause expression lines. At £ 22.00 for 15ml it is the natural answer to Botox.
The Radiance Face Oil is one of the stars of the "family", it is good for sensitive skins or when experiencing redness. visit the website at and you will be spoilt for choice. Also, when buying Rose Otto Body Oil and Rose Otto Face Oil, 10% of the sales during February will be donated to the Breast Cancer Care campaign "Buy it with Love".

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