Swatch Spring Summer Collection

I remember when in the early 1980s the first Swatch  hit the market. a playful watch in plastic, not expensive, it was the opposite of the watches we've seen before, which were serious and with an expensive price tag. Swatch is the contraction of " Second WATCH", the one you take on holiday or you practise sports with it and if it scratches it is not the end of the world. The funny thing that despite its colourful  models adults started to collect them, waiting eagerly for new releases. So maybe from this page you can find the next  Swatch to add to your collection.
From the Pastry Chef collection this wrap around model called " Caramellissima" is fun and takes you back to the candy shop after school where you were buying the candy necklaces and bracelets. I love it, even if I must admit all of the watches from this line are great. Perfect gift for a sweet tooth.
"For the Love of Patterns" is a fantastic collection, more adult than the Pastry Chef and perfect for men as well who maybe don't dare to go around with liquorice and cupcakes watches. This pair of watches are dedicated to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The polka dot in blue is "For The Love of K" while the Prince of Wales check is " For the Love of W". Other patterns include hounds tooth check and bandanna print as well as many more, mainly in monochrome black and white.
Here we've got from the "Le Swatch Dream Urban" a leopard print watch which together with the other models in this line has got all the characteristics of trendy patterns and popular prints seen on graffiti and video music. Camouflage, 1970s wallpapers, animal prints are just a small selection of what you can find in this collection. The lovely watch on the picture is the Orhanda model.
Another lovely model from the "Le Swatch Dream Urban" this pink " Rose Jungle" is for this colour's lovers. With the trends in fashion for the next season, this watch will match most of the garments on display in stores. Floral is going to be huge in spring and summer and this watch will be the perfect accessory.
These colourful Scuba Libre are some of the most popular models of Swatch since its beginning. From the " Island Galore" line  the blue " La Nave Va", the red " Deep Berry" and the lime " "Lemon Profond" will be your companions during your holidays. Perfect for a swim when you need to keep track of the time because your next meeting is with the bartender who will mix a fantastic cocktail.
From the "Classic Shine" collection I love this magnificent watch with leather cuff. It is not just a watch, it becomes a piece of jewellery, with this model "Dorata" you won't need to wear anything else. Other watches in this line comprise of mother of pearl face, gold and silver metal straps and gemstone like pastes applied on straps and faces.Check online to see the other model from Swatch at where you can buy online or locate the nearest store to you where to go and be surrounded by all these beauties.


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