The Christmas List of Multicolour Tech Gifts

I love colour and whenever possible I always try to have a colourful gadget rather than plain black or white. It is also a way to make your devices stand out. This list is unisex so gifts can be chosen either for am man or a woman, it is important that they love colours as much as I do. I've picked few bright items  to put under the tree.
This beautiful teal colour wireless headphone is by Sony and it is sold at Argos. I love the carry case so you can store it while at work in your bag or rucksack for protection. It cancel noises and it has a 28 hours battery life. The colours available are red, blue, green, black and gold.
Polaroid has made a come back with a new and sleek look as well as very colourful. Being a purple lover I could not miss this Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Camera sold at Argos with 10 free shots included.. I know that now pictures are digital but sometimes I like to have a photo to frame and have it on my desk.  Other colours available are black, white and red. The battery is rechargeable and it comes with a carry strap.
This gift is on top of my list. It is the Ellia Rise Ultrasonic Diffuser for essential oils and it comes with two samples of Ellia oils. It is made of ceramic and wood and it comes with a remote so you can control the changing of the light as well as selecting from a library of uplifting sounds while for up to seven hours it works its wonder with the essential oils in the ambient.
This UE Wonderboom bluetooth and wireless portable speaker is great  to be taken outdoor in the garden or the balcony while having a meal "al fresco" with its 30 metres range connectivity to any device. The fire red colour is fantastic, it is shock proof. waterproof and dust proof. Other colours available are dusty pink, lilac, black, grey and bright blue. It is sold at John Lewis.
I find this gadget extremely useful and very stylish too. Now the Fitbit fitness trackers are very popular and they come out every year with lovely colours and in sizes ranging from small to large. The Fuchsia and Plum trackers in the picture are just the tip of the iceberg for all the functions they have. Sold at Currys, also there is a great selection of colours available like black, lavender and rose gold which is one of my favourite, grey, gold and black, blue, teal, the list is huge.
Laptop is an essential gadget in our busy lives. Despite using a desktop I've got a laptop always with me. This one sold at Argos is by HP with 11.8" screen and 32GB storage as well as having wireless connectivity and 1  year Office 365 Personal thrown in for good measure.  This turquoise colour is just one of the options, unless you like purple, which is available as well.
Video games fans can add a touch of colour with this Nintendo Switch console sold at .Gaming consoles are becoming more and more stylish because it is nice to have something a bit brighter than the rather serious looking consoles. The Nintendo Switch, allows to play with up to 8 Nintendo Switch  players with different consoles. Sync together the devices to play.
The perfect gift when the space is limited. The John Lewis Spectrum Solo DAB+/FM Digital Radio in this great burnt orange colour will be at its ease anywhere. It is portable thanks to a set of 4 batteries and it can be connected to the mains. Colours available are Teal, Black, Slate Grey, White, Silver, Yellow as well as the Orange in the picture so suitable for anyone. And the price is great too.

Vinyl records are strongly back despite the CD generation. Nothing beats the crackling noise of a record while it is played. Now turntables are very popular and it is possible to buy one without breaking your bank account. This is a gift that a music lover over 30 will appreciate given that maybe there is still the record collection at home. These Bush turntables in red or teal can be bought from Argos and their vintage look will remind  of the old ones we had when we were kids and instead of using our parents big stereo turntable, we could play our records  with a portable one.
These camcorder are called Action Camcorder and they are by Ricoh, the model is the Theta SC 360. It can record at 360 degrees with up to 1 hour recording. It can either  shoot stills or video, perfect for all the Vloggers out there. Sold at Currys there is a choice of colours as well as pink and white, so you can go for black, beige or blue.
Earphones are never enough and if they are as cool as these by Sol Republic you can be sure that they will be a great gift for  anyone. Great while doing sport, at the gym, while commuting, they won't fall out because they will fit any size. They are compatible with Apple and other devices  and you can find them online at several retailers. Argos is one of them.


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