The Christmas List of Tech Gifts

Tech gifts are on top of the gift lists for Christmas because we like  gadgets and there is not better time that now to unwrap and learn all the features of your latest present during those days at home far from the madding crowd. I've picked few ideas that if quick are still available to have them before Christmas or if you will see somebody after the big day you've got time to receive  the parcel or traipse the shops  to buy them without the hassle of the last minute gift.
Air Charge is a fantastic  gadget that allows you to re charge your mobile phone while out and about. So many places now are connected to this network so you just need the little gadget, download the app on your phone which will point it a place where you can have wireless charging and your mobile devices will always be on full battery all over the world.
Head and earphones are a must  given our lives of commuting, and wireless headphone and earphones are more and more popular because the hassle of untangling wires is gone.These gorgeous Amps Air by Sol Republic are a perfect gift for the tech savvy person who loves this kind of novelties. Available in rose gold or jet black and with 4 different ear tip sizes, these earphones won't budge even during a workout. Amazon is one of the stockists or check its website at
Smart houses are in right now, helping us to save money on heating, electricity and more. For the home savvy person the Nest Learning Thermostat from Currys will be a godsend.  It comes with installation included and just after one week it will learn your heating preference switching to an Eco mood when you leave the house so  unnecessary heating won't be used by creating customised preference depending on your habits.
Speakers couldn't be more trendy than these Jarre AeroBull, either Nano or standard size. They can be connected to mobiles or any portable devices through bluetooth and music can be enjoyed for up to 10 hours for the bigger size while for the smaller one is up to 8 hours battery. Choose between white, black or red.

Headphones as well are a very popular gift because we can't  leave our music at home and while travelling we like to listen to our playlist like we were in the comfort of our living room. At Argos, this gorgeous Beats by Dre Solo 3 Wireless headphones answer all the requests for top music on the go. With up to 40 hours of music, connected through bluetooth to your mobile devices you will enjoy your commuting from now on.
This is the gadget that all  drivers have been waiting for. The Nextbase Dash Cam with inbuilt WiFi so you can share the recording on your mobile or tablet to keep evidence of anything that might happen during your journey. Halfords sells this amazing gadget which has a GPS receiver as well, among other features and it is very easy to mount on your vehicle, without recurring to wires. available  in this beautiful white and rose gold option or black for a more classic look.

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