The Christmas List of Men's Grooming Products Gifts

Men, now more than ever are quite keen on skincare and grooming products. Gone are the days when a beard or a pair of moustache were scruffy and growing left to their own devices. Now there are lots of products to take care of them and also men are starting to use skincare after shaving and they are not ashamed any more to be seen picking up products from beauty departments in shops. I've found few ideas for nice gifts.
This denim wash bag with a hair and body wash and an after shave balm in a citrus lime/mint fragrance is by Baylis  & Harding. It is a lovely gift  and the wash bag will be very useful in the gym bag, because we know that men scatter all their things when going to the gym but if they have a nice bag like this they will keep their products all together. You can find it at Amazon for a quick delivery before Christmas. 
Wash bags are very popular as a gift set because they are items that are always very useful. Bulldog Skincare is another brand thought for men grooming. All the products are created  thinking of  men skin composition and the products are tailored for their needs. This gift set comprises a face wash, face scrub and a moisturiser. The fragrance is a blend of essential oils like bergamot, lime, lemon, geranium,vetiver, patchouli among others.
Men like luxury even if they don't want to admit it and I am sure that they are quite envious of all the luxury skincare for us women. Well Stoer Skincare for Men has thought of this and a line of beautiful, high tech, stylish and luxury products have been created to cater for them. Available at Harvey Nichols or online at
Beards and moustache are very trendy and also there is a lot of care into them. You don't see anymore random facial hair but more and more curated goatees and barbers' salons are opening up  very frequently and they are always very busy. Percy Nobleman has created a series of products dedicated to the care of beards and facial hair with accessories like scissors and combs. For Christmas  you can find a series of beard grooming kits. They are available in many shops  and online at
Compose your own gift set using Primark Skin Management products, designed with men in mind. You can add a wash bag, maybe a face towel and a pair of flip flops for the gym. At Primark you can run wild  with choosing things and create a nice skincare hamper  with lots of goodies.
Cornerstone is a British successful  story about a brand  that is dedicated to give the best shaving experience possible. All its products, from skincare, face wash, face scrub  and also blades and razors cater for a smooth shaving moment. The products are alcohol free, paraben free and environmentally friendly.  You can  create your  ideal gift set  selecting few products and add them to this beautiful buffalo leather wash bag for the ultimate present.
Jack Black is a skincare brand from Texas and it can be found in Boots, among other retailers. Its products are all for men, including fragrances, body care, shaving products and more. Products are not tested on animals and the ingredients used are all natural. The official website  has got full description of all the ingredients used in this huge range of men skincare.
The White Company has got this lovely Aspen Shaving Set that comprises a facial scrub, shaving gel and aftershave balm in a beautiful blend of bergamot, cardamom and clove. It comes in an elegant  flat box and none of these products are tested on animals.

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