The Christmas List of Unicorn Gifts

Unicorns are hugely popular. Once relegated just to the kids' world now can be seen in adults clothing or home decor. This Christmas I've seen may Unicorns inspired items, so if among you there is an unicorn lover, this is the right post to be read. Also, Unicorns are going to be big  next season as well.
*Pets*  Yes you've read it right, pets, because let's not forget our pets when it is Christmas. They feel a different kind of atmosphere around them this time of the year, so say thanks to your little dog for being with you with this cute Unicorn Pet Jumper by Aldi. It has  3 sizes, it has a button hole for the lead and two leg opening with rib cuffs.
*Adults* This pair of light up slippers by Firebox can go up to size 12 and the batteries, included with the slippers have a life between 4 and 6 months, so enough for the whole cold season. Just think of your feet inside this plush pair of  slippers  or think about anyone who would love a gift like this.
*Kids*  This cross body bag is gorgeous and you can find it at the kids department at Next, but nothing prevents you from get one for an adult who has got a soft spot for unicorns and it is perfect when hitting the dance floor.
*Adults* Make up brushes are always a great gift to give, because they are never enough. This set of 5 brushes by are shaped like Unicorn's horns.  Order them now to be sure  of having them in time for Christmas.
*Kids*  The "My Fairy Garden Unicorn Meadow Grow and Play Set" is designed for children over 4 years old, but I bet that parents and relatives will push the kids away and they will have a great time sowing the seeds and see the garden grow before their eyes. It can be bought at Argos and it will be a great gift for children because they will learn about gardening in a magical way.
*Adults*  I love Hotties especially when it's cold and I want to have something warm to hug. This one, with the unicorn cover is by Sainsbury's and you just need to heat it in the microwave for a maximum of 90 seconds and then pop it back in its cover. The hottie has  natural lavender in it so when warm it will release an instant calming fragrance.
*Kids*  If the parents have got Unicorn slippers, children will want unicorn slippers so this pair by John Lewis is just what  you need. Soft and lined, they will keep the little ones feet warm and they  can run in the house without making noise even if they are people living on the floor below.
*Adults* If you think that Unicorn are childish, think again. Nails Inc. has created this Sparkle Like a Unicorn gift set that comprises a sheet mask, two nail polish in the Unicorn nuances and a lipstick.  These products come in a nice and very pink box with the magical creature depicted. You can find it at Debenhams, but be quick because it is quite a best seller.
*Adults* Not, you are not mistaken, this bottle of sparkly gin is called "Unicorn Tears" and it has been created by Firebox. You shake the bottle and you can serve a shimmery drink with a flavour of citrus fruits, juniper berries, coriander, oranges and sticks of liquorice. The perfect magical gift.
*Kids*  Pens, pen holders, notebooks and more with the Unicorn can be found at Paperchase. The choice is endless and perfect for stocking fillers and gifts to friends' kids. You can find some special sets as  a Web exclusive only and also rucksacks, lunch boxes and drinking bottles and cups.
*Adults*  Keep a bit of magic next to your bed with this Balvi Ceramic Unicorn Ring Holder that can be found at Amazon. A ring holder is always a lovely gift and if you happen to know that somebody is into Unicorns, this one will be a much more treasured present. Order it now so that you will receive it before Christmas at
*Kids* *Adults*  Maybe they've been designed for kids but I love it for myself, this duo of Lip Balms that you can find at John Lewis. One is in a Cotton Candy flavour while the other one is Peach Melba. Give the two of them together or split them as stocking fillers.


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