Pre Cannes Festival 2013 Party

The sophisticated building that hosts N.5 Cavendish Square Club at the namesake address has seen a glam party in order to be ready for the Cannes Festival of Cinema in France due in the next couple of weeks. Organiser Paola Cecilia Berta pulled all the stops inviting an eclectic group of guests ranging from the cinema, fashion, press and beauty industries. Sponsored by the queen of the vodka "The Tall Blond", the evening has been an occasion to mingle with new talents and gurus of the aforementioned industries.
The first person I've seen entering the ballroom on the first floor has been celebrity journalist Zoe Griffin and we started talking about her latest book " Get Rich Blogging", a mine of precious advises for bloggers. Zoe was wearing a lovely peppermint coloured dress and she kept the name of the designer under wrap, maybe nurturing  a next fashion talent?
It has been said the green is the colour of the year. British born actress Nadia Ostacchini  embraces this palette  wearing a 1950s inspired dress by Coast. Nadia is always involved in theatre and TV productions and maybe some ads you've heard on TV and radio have been played by her.
Organiser of the event Paola Cecilia Berta is enjoying a shoulder massage provided by  Enhance London for the guests of the event. Ms Berta really needed some relax after all the hard work done in order to give an evening like this to everyone who attended. Sunita from Enhance is doing a really good job from the smile om Paola's face.
The mastermind of Enhance London is Carina  Reid who is stunning in her pink bespoke cocktail dress. Carina as well as being beautician to the celebrity pack, is a model, an actress and a singer as well. So many talents too little time for this eclectic lady.
A bright blue Topman  blazer singled out writer director and producer Sunny King.  His short film "Unspoken" has been screened on the night and has left the viewers very moved for the story told. I've found it beautiful. Check it out on
Gentiane Piovanacci is the founder and Chief editor of the magazine " Mamarazzi". The magazine is distributed in Marseille in France but some extracts can be read (in French) on
Gentiane is wearing a lace dress by French designer Jacqueline Riu, being a sponsor for the Pre Cannes Festival Party Gentiane is posing at the branding board pointing at the logo of her magazine.

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