Times Red Launch of Not Listening Single

We could not miss an afternoon with the Times Red being introduced to all the major press and music industry people at the Century House club in Shaftesbury Avenue. It has been a real pleasure to see them perform live after being in their company during London Fashion Week where they attended  front row seated some of the shows Stephen Mahoney and I organised during those days of fashion madness last February.
Handsome as always Staz Nair, Scott Ritchie and Luke White sung their latest single " Not Listening" which is gone to be out on the 24th of June, and they performed in a mini gig for the press and some lucky fans selected at random from the requests of their Facebook page. www.timesred.com
The song is very catchy and perfect for the summer season. Even if Times Red "order" you not to listen, please do. It is just one of those tunes that cheers you up for the rest of your day and don't be surprised if you are going to hum it while at work or while commuting. See you soon guys.

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