I've Been Nominated for a Liebster Award!

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by the fabulous Kerry's Jewellery blog
There is some rules to follow so here it goes

1. You must link back to the person that nominated you.
2. You must answer the 11 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
3. You must pick 11 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers.
4. You must come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.
These are my answers to Kerry's questions:
1. I blog to promote my online business and jewellery brand, what about you?
I blog because I love writing and I like to write about what I like and what I see. Writing for a magazine couldn't give me the freedom to write about what I really like and put the pictures I wanted to publish. So a blog has been my choice of communication as well as writing for others

2. Which Disney program do you think is best, Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse?
Mickey Mouse

3. Theme park holidays or Beach holidays?
Theme park
4. Do you plan to build a career blogging or is it a pastime?
It is a past time but you never know

5. Playstation or Xbox?

6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Good question, hopefully still writing and making a living out of it

7. If cost wasn't an issue would you choose beaded fashion jewellery or fine luxury jewellery?
A mix of both

8. What's your favourite store?
It is in Rome it is called Abitart

9. What's your all time favourite film/program?
Sex and the City obviously

10. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Discovering new brands

11. If you could feature anyone on your blog who would it be and why?
Patricia Field because she is amazing and she defined a new way of being stylish

Now the bloggers I would like to nominate are the following:

Here are my questions:
1) High Street or Independent Boutique?
2) Who is your inspiration blogger?
3) Do you blog every day or just few times a week?
4) What is at the top of your wish list?
5) Your favourite shop?
6) What designer has created, in your opinion, the most iconic item ?
7) Your dream destination?
8) Where would you love to work for?
9) Are you saving money to buy.... ?
10) What actress/actor embodies style ?
11) In your opinion what decades do you consider "Vintage". Which one is the last one before something from vintage becomes old ?

Keep my fingers crossed


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