Paperthinks Bags in Recycled Leather

Paperthinks is one brand that makes beautiful, colourful bags using 100% recycled leather sourced from factories wastes and colouring them with a laminate technique which is not harmful to the customers and the environment. I've visited the stand of Paperthinks at Pure London and I've been amazed by how many colours they use. For somebody like me who loves colours this is the perfect brand for all the leather goods needed on a daily basis and with a green star for ethical consciousness.
This burgundy long tote is made of 100% recycled leather and with a cotton lining. There is an internal pocket useful for storing your mobile phone. A magnet closes the bag and it is available  in deep olive, tan, black, navy and ivory as well. At £ 61.50 is a real value for money.
This tangerine card envelope is made of 100% recycled leather and the colours are beautiful. Who prefers classic colours can chose among the same ones as the tote bag, who like  bright colours in the rainbow collection the colours available as well as tangerine are mint, violet and yellow gold. With a snap button to keep it close without losing your business cards at £ 12.99 is a perfect gift for the coming Christmas or for somebody who has started a new venture and business cards are in order.

This tote bag has got a fantastic colour and the range of hues available are amazing as well with fuchsia, tangerine, yellow gold mint and violet. A magnet closes the bag which is lined in cotton and with an internal pocket for the mobile phone. Its shape makes it perfect for the office, or for an afternoon out shopping. Where else can you buy a leather bag for £ 55.00 ? Just at Paperthinks.
Despite all the technology that surround us I love a block note and I like to write my things in it. I'm never without a block note inside my bag. Paperthinks makes great paper accessorises. This one is 100% recycled leather bound and inside there is a pocket where to store loose sheets or business cards in order to be ready at hand. There is a rainbow of colours, impossible to mention them all. Great price at £ 5.99.
This file folder will put order to your bills and other documents at home or at the office. With 24 colours to choose from we can file bills in a violet folder and maybe personal documents in a red folder or credit cards statements in this yellow one. No more mess on the coffee table with papers piled on top of each other. At £ 14.99 each you've got peace of mind being stylish and green. Check more models of all these gorgeous products at and click on the UK flag for online shopping with British currency.


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