Pritch London Spring Summer 2014

The setting for the Pritch London show during London Fashion Week couldn't be more stunning. The Central Baptiste Church in Bloomsbury  has been the stage where beautiful models, clad in ripped jeans and butter soft, coloured leather jackets, amazed the huge crowd with the collection of Pritch London at  The Bloomsbury Set Event. We are not talking a normal catwalk show. Music was live played by DJ Sasha Muki from the Gotha Club in Cannes, a real rock chick affair.
Look for yourself and then queue up in order to be one of the first to own a Pritch London jacket. They are so unique. Most of them have got detachable parts so a coat can become a jacket, a jacket can become a bolero, a jacket can be a skirt and a jacket and zips hide studs and pockets. For the Spring and Summer collection colours have been aplenty in Pritch London palette, with bright pink, purple, blue and ivory.
This jacket is fabulous, I love the diagonal zip and the leather is so soft that you could spread it over a slice of bread. While designed in London by Arina Pritch, the jackets are made in Italy where the best craftsmanship for these garments can be found.
This coat is very versatile. It can be worn as it is or the lower part can be detached making it a skirt and leaving the upper part as a short jacket. Studs give a kind of silhouette and the bright blue colour gives a twist to the usual black leather jacket. Any jacket can be made with an availability of different colours.
At the end of the show the designer Arina Pritch is wearing one of her creations together with the models who made this catwalk more a music video. Check all the news and the collections at


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