Clarks Shoes Spring Summer Collection

Clarks has always been present in my life as a shoe brand. When still a child living in Italy the desert boots which are a Clarks classic were my staple shoes and among friends we were competing to be the first to buy a new pair every year. The desert boots model was the footwear choice of our mums so that we could play in the park and be comfortable as well as warm. Clarks was synonymous of shoes and we were just calling them by name " wear the Clarks, let's go and buy a new pair of Clarks, do you like my new Clarks".
These are the shoes I've worn through all my childhood and my teenager years. Unfortunately at that time the colours were a bit limited to brown and blue maybe or at least those were the colours exported. These new pastel colours are fantastic  and I know that my choice would go to the lavender one.
I love these Orla Kiely for Clarks slingback pumps. I find them so sweet and great to be worn with trousers and dresses. These are the perfect shoes if a mini skirt is involved in my opinion. The red patent leather reminds me of the famous red slippers in "The Wizard of Oz".
These sandals are great, snakeskin and bright orange or leather and bright green are a fantastic combination. Despite their height, they are very comfortable because the platform balances the body and these are shoes that can be worn all day. Have fun in matching nail polish with the colour of the shoes.
These slip on shoes are lovely. Leopard print or block colours, these models are very popular because they allow you to be in comfort as well as being stylish when working and sometimes in some jobs you have to stand all day. With these shoes it won't be a sacrifice anymore.
Lots of bright colours for Clarks Spring Summer collection. These tangerine sandals are great and the bejewelled ones will add a twist to any outfit. Obviously nail varnish to be matched for the perfect look.
Beautiful Orla Kiely for Clarks platform in bright yellow patent leather. The very chunky heels make these shoes very stable and comfortable. The model is very 1970s so flare trousers or a floaty dress are a must.
I love these brogues in suede and leather. The indigo colour is beautiful and goes with everything in anybody' s wardrobe. These are  staple shoes that every woman should own at any age. Options available are in black and patent or white. Check all the new arrival at or visit any store nationwide.


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