Agnona Spring Summer Collection

maybe not everyone knows that Agnona is part of Ermenegildo Zegna Group but everyone in the fashion industry knows that Stefano  Pilati has been appointed as Creative Director for the menswear label, taken under his wing Agnona as well. The Collection Zero is inspired by the Zero art movement in the 1950s when Agnona has been established and having celebrated the 60th anniversary.
The concept behind the collection is Form and Function, so we will see slim and over sized lines, asymmetrical cuts and an architectural structure. This look is perfect for our spring and summer, Stefano Pilati, living in Germany probably knows a thing or two about Atlantic climate and the fact that in UK we might see few days of very hot temperatures but really  most of the time we need a coat even in August. The shape of this beautiful garment reminds me of the 1950s with 3/4 sleeves.
Another beautiful coat with a uniform green skirt and beige leather bag. Agnona has got the whole capsule wardrobe included accessorises. Fabrics used for this collection are of the highest quality like double kid mohair, cashmere, organdis, cotton, silk, poplin with a palette of very earthy colours like uniform green, navy, khaki, nude and splashes of purple, red and yellow.
I love the jacket and the jumper, perfect for a chilly spring. The cut is quite masculine but with the short suit this jacket can be worn with shorts from the collection and if not feeling confident with socks only, a pair of thick tights will give you coverage but at the same time the look will be very fresh and new.

Monochrome with clashing prints is going to be big next season. Agnona under the guide of its Creative Director is stepping right at the top with the skirt sporting the Palaka motif which is going to be the signature patterns for the SS2014.
These two pairs of sandals are great with the flowers details. They can be perfect for a formal occasion, for work, for a night out. Their use is endless. There is a black version as well.
I find that these bags are fantastic. I love the shape, I love the colour and when I've touched them I loved the leather which is soft to the touch. This is a new kind of clutch because the small handle allows it to be secured at the wrist with no danger to forget it somewhere. In order to know when these and more fantastic garments will be available to be bought check online at

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