Chie Mihara Shoes

I fell in love with Chie Mihara ' shoes when I went to the Task PR Press Day. There lots of influences looking at those beauties. Chie Mihara is a Japanese designer who was born in Brazil, then she went to live in NY, then she moved to Spain and all these multicultural background is visible in her designs. It has been difficult to choose which shoes feature in this post, because really all of them deserve a space.
This is the Avilo model, it reminds me of one of those All Sorts Liquorice, the pink and white and the black. The pink buckle is lovely and the chunky monochrome heels are to die for.
The Hawaii  mid heel pumps are so sweet. The heel is very particular with its round shape and the height of the heels means that these are shoes that can be worn all day with no discomfort at all.
The Idaira model is a flat sandal in this great green colours with white details. Thinking about Chie Mihara background, working for an orthopaedic shoes store, where she learnt about the anatomy of the feet, all the shoes from her collection are made taking in mind what a foot need not to be in pain, and this is seen in very soft insides where the foot doesn't suffer with a hard sole.
The Jabir model with the scallop details at the front is beautiful. Well, being obsessed by the purple colour this shoe had to be in this post. The round heel is just a strike of genius, but I must admit it is difficult to say which one is my favourite.
The Mistela model has got the heels matching in colours the print at the front so for this model there are three versions with coral, red and green heels. The shape is classic but the design is very cool.
The Quidel model with its monochrome heels is another great pair of shoes. All of them are so bright and quirky but at the same time they are so wearable. It would be very dangerous to leave me in a shop that sells Chie Mihara shoes with my credit card in my wallet, I think I would call for a cab to take me home with all my purchases.
This is the Quila model with this beautiful print in gold and aqua. This pattern is so striking that there are other two models of shoes where this fabric has been used. Go online at to see when the collection will be available and to browse the previous collections. Write an email to know where they are stocked in UK, but then don't blame me if you buy more than 10 pairs of shoes in one go.

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