Christmas Gift Guide: Pampering Gifts

What I mean by pampering gifts ? Anything that conjures some "me time" for the receiver, so it could be some little beauty gadget, or a nice piece of furniture where to relax and more. Let's say that when I have seen the following items I have thought to myself "I would love that ". You will find any kind of prices so these ideas will be great for stocking fillers too.
This pair of Miaroma infused Gel Socks  from Holland & Barrett are just what anyone needs after a long day. Just slip into them for 20 minutes and your feet will be moisturised and soothed  with the nice lavender fragrance.  Don't put them in the washing machine and gently hand wash them. The product inside  last for 30 treatments.
The Gold teapot from Fortnum & Mason is pure luxury and indulgence. For me tea is relax, in fact I never drink tea as a take away because it is just a ritual for me. This magnificent gold teapot has been crafted using 2 layers of 24 carats gold hand painted on fine bone china. Would be nice to add a tea  caddy but I am sure that whoever will receive it will be very much pleased even without a box of tea leaves next to it.
Nothing beats  lounging at home in a cashmere combo, trousers and hoodie. This beauty is by The White Company and we know that anything from this luxury retailer is high quality. This ensemble is the perfect outfit to wear at home, and even in case of an unexpected visit you will always be perfect. It is 100% cashmere and it is available in pale grey marl.
Don't you think that having breakfast in bed is one of the most pampering activities ever?  But let's do it in style by using this faux leather champagne snake print lap tray by Dunelm. It is great also for having your dinner in front of the telly or for your afternoon tea  while reading a book.
The first thing I do when I am at home is to wear a pair of soft slippers, because my feet are sore after many hours trapped in shoes and also because I don't want my neighbours to complain for the noise. This pair of fluffy slippers are by Joules and they are snuggly with the velvet outer and faux fur lining.
If you think that gifting an armchair for Christmas is something crazy, think again. I would love to receive a gorgeous chair like the Banbury wing chair at which is available in grey and ochre. I can see it already in my bedroom in a corner where I can read with my feet tucked underneath or in a corner of a small room for that moment of me time.
Beauty gadgets are always a great gift and the Opatra Synergy Neck gives a focused massage to relax the neck and body muscles, helping to target areas of loose skin and eliminating fine lines. It helps in absorb at their best creams and serums.
Just mentioning cashmere you feel pampered, so think when you receive a lovely cashmere hot water bottle like this one by Jigsaw. I love to hug a hot water bottle while I sit watching  a film, even if I am feeling really well. Hot water bottle can't be confined only when we are not 100% fine. It is more of a comfort object so receiving one so luxurious is just great. Available in a soft light grey colour with a pink tipping.
Take some time for you to take care of your hands and body and receiving this Treat Trio by White Stuff will give you some precious time for you. Have a shower with the deliciously fragranced body wash, then use the soap to wash your hands and end this little pampering session with massaging your hands with the scented hand cream for a soft touch. Available in three fragrances.
A little luxury in life is using a face mask, because it means that you must be relaxed for a minimum of 20 minutes if not more and really it becomes the best "me time" because you can't be distracted by the phone or anything else. Everything has to wait. This gorgeous face and neck mask is by Natura Siberica and among its ingredients it has Beluga Caviar extracts and active gold. Don't be scared by the luxury ingredients, its price tag is very affordable. Also Natura Siberica uses all natural ingredients and it has eco certifications and you can buy its products in several retails shops or directly from them.
Prepare yourself for a great night sleep by  lighting up the candle and massaging the balm in the "Great in Bed" gift set by Scentered. Apply the balm to your temples,wrists and neck and fill the room with the fragrance from the candle. Just few minutes before snuff it off. The blend for the balm and the candle is made of 100% organic ingredients, among others Lavender, Chamomile, Palmarosa with notes of Bois de Rose and Geranium.
It is true that when we talk about pampering, bedtime is always the first thing that comes into mind, but obviously is because we spend all day out so the only moment we can indulge is in the evening or just before going to bed. This set socks and eye mask by Falke is the ultimate  relaxing gift. But also it is perfect for the frequent flyer because apart from few exceptions, eye masks and socks from the airlines are quite ugly and flimsy. This one is in a nice dust pink colour with socks made of a blend of angora wool and the eye mask made of soft silk.

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