Danish Wakeel Peacock Revolution Spring Summer Collection

Danish Wakeel has introduced to the press and buyers as well as to his supporters his new collection for the season Spring Summer 2013. Held  at the Hilton Hotel in Edgware Road this show has ditched the club label attached to previous ones for a  more adult base giving it a couture look. I could not attend this show but for once I will write about something I have not been because the efforts that Danish Wakeel put into this season collection deserve a mention. Inspiration for the Peacock Revolution show has been the hippy phenomenon during the 1960s and 1970s with lots of colours, tie-dyed garments and rich fabrics. Enjoy the show, the music is great as well and pick some idea for the next season.
Danish Wakeel as well as designing the collection put his signature on the show going on the runway himself, not only at the end of the show but modelling a couple of his creations.
Danish is wearing a flowing shirt with a wide collar with a marbled print. Flowing trousers for men and women were out in force like the use of brocade and velvet, psychedelic prints, tapestry fabric and embroidered waistcoats.
This crocheted dress make me want to sing " Aquarius" from the iconic musical " Hair". This line has pieces for men as well and for some lovely shoulder bags.
This jacket is so fun with vintage ties applied. I know it is from the menswear collection but I would not mind wearing it, it would be perfect with a LBD for a glam look or a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt for an evening out.

This jacket embraces the dandy of yesteryear. Hippies are not just long hair and flowers in your head but it is a more stylish approach to fashion that 50 years ago was unthinkable of. Classic cut and colours are matched for a great effect.

This sequinned jacket will catch all the light when the sun will shine again. And it will catch the lights at any club playing 70s and 80s music. I'm sure stylists will fight to feature it in some fashion shoots.

Danish Wakeel ends his fashion show walking with his model, Lady Peacock look among the applause of the guests attending the catwalk. Danish is wearing a velvet ensemble in coral while the model is wearing a number sporting peacock feathers as a reminder of the theme for this collection.
Photos courtesy of Danish Wakeel press office


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