Fabi Shoes

A new kid in town the Eagles were singing and a new shoe in town is something that every woman wants to hear, we've never tired of discovering a new brand  that can make us feel sophisticated and elegant. Fabi Shoes is an Italian brand that  has been on the market for 47 years. Now it is time for the fashion pack in London and the UK to be aware of a new label with decades of experience and the unmistakable taste for style.
These two models are from the Spring Summer Collection and they are perfect for any occasion like a wedding or a summer party. The first shoe has a wedge which is completely decorated with the same motif of the shoe. The black and white combination is great in matching any kind of outfit and it is perfect to be worn both during a day at work or to go out in the evening. The black sandal is one of those timeless pieces that should always be in a woman's wardrobe.

I love this clutch bag that matches the wedge above and can be use with any other shoe from the collection. It is a very thin bag but when opened you can see that few essentials can be stored like a lipstick, a mirror and a mobile phone.

Men as well have got a huge selection of shoes to choose from. This classic model is a staple that should be owned by every man. The leather is very soft and the sole is strong in order to protect the feet from any discomfort.

These sporty numbers are from the men collection, the suede laced up in sand colour are perfect to complement an outdoor outfit being stylish and comfortable at the same time.

These sandals are fabulous with this floral print that is on the insole as well. Fabi does not produce only shoes but it is creating a whole lifestyle concept with a outwear collection, perfumes, accessories like belts, gloves and bags, sunglasses and scarves and jewellery in silver and leather. The clothing collection has got fantastic details. Let 's say the Fabi dress you from top to toe and we are looking forward to see one mono brand shop stocking all this impressive collection.
These sandals are red with leather inserts and floral prints. The small handbags are matching them with floral printed leather inserts. Just wearing these bright accessories will complement any outfit even denim and a white t-shirt. After the presentation we 've been spoilt to a lavish dinner at the Locanda Ottoemezzo 2 -4 Thackeray Street W8 5ET in Kensington. The restaurant is a gem and its owner Emidio Cicoria has been the perfect host chatting to the several guests sitting at the tables and explaining the several dishes that were served. Locanda Ottoemezzo, the name is the title of  Federico Fellini film " 81/2" is tucked in this lovely street and the interior has many posters of italian films and framed pictures of actors who made the history of the cinema. Mister Flaminio Fabi flown from Italy, especially for the launch of his brand in UK the 2 starred Michelin chef Mauro Uliassi who treated the guests to a 13 courses menu with amazing and elaborated recipes using typical ingredients from Marche, the region where Fabi Shoes has got the HQ.


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