Seckin Pirim Art Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery

The day of the Turkish National Day has been the day when Turkish artist Seckin Pirim opened his exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. His show in association with Gallery Merkur attracted many visitors who appreciated his sculptures made from different material from metal, to paper.
Seckin Pirim is posing next to one of his sculptures. His works have been exhibited in Germany as well as in his country, Turkey, collectors from China, United States, Taiwan and Italy just to name a few bought his works both privately or for public collections and quite a few art prizes have been  won including the Rotary Instanbul Arts Achievement Awards.

Conceptual artist Pandemonia could not miss this art opening and together with Snowy visited the exhibition engaging with Seckin Pirim over a shared passion for art and sculpture. Pandemonia is posing close to one of Seckin works in yellow and dark blue that matches quite nicely Pandemonia's outfit.

The concept of layers started from this lovely matchbox, something that Seckin Pirim did it while his military service. Days in the barracks are boring and to pass his time Seckin started using his creativity with objects that were available to him.

This book is stunning, carved in countless layers and forming like a flower. A work like this  dresses a wall like a painting and for its dimension it is something that can be in every house, without needing a huge space like any sculpture would need.
As you can see this wall holds quite a few of these "books". Different shapes and designs and all of them perfect to be hanged in a house that does not have to be a mansion. Seckin Pirim has already achieved a great deal of acknowledgement from the Art world but surely after this exhibition he will be among the new art generation.


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