Silver Jubilee for Fiorelli

In less than two months Fiorelli, the well known handbag label will be 25 years old. Lots of event for Fiorelli customers who can win competitions, be in flash mob giveaways, golden tickets, events and bag sales, just to name a few. A very important initiative will be the launch of the " Hope " bag that will help to raise money for the Cancer Research UK. The aim is to raise £ 100,000, for every Hope bag sold £ 1 will be donated to this charity. Cancer Research UK receives no government funding for its researches which I think is shameful and disgusting, so every pound invested in its studies is donated for its cause.
The pink bowling shaped beauty is the Hope bag. Roomy, a perfect crossbody for the office it comes in several colours: chocolate, cerise, dusky pink, black, white, tan, there are 25 colours during the years for the Hope bag, practically there is no excuse for not buy one and contribute to the cause. Next to the Hope bag there are two fabulous clutches in cerise and yellow from the Love Changes collection. I like the woven motif, available as well in a large size soft hobo models as you can see at the back of the picture in cerise and yellow.  Just behind the Hope bag the Be Happy yellow bag with its see-through look is available as well in black and taupe and in three shapes, large, medium and large clutch. Heaven On Earth is the black and white medium crossbody bag which is available in orange and white as well and in other models like a large shopper, a small crossbody, clutch and a purse.
When I talk about bags I can never stop and with Fiorelli is impossible to stop, just look at how many models in this collection and we have to wait until the end of January at least to see them in the shops. The large Heaven on Earth bag is on the left hand side of the picture, can you imagine the things we can store in it? The flapover crossbody at the front is part of the Tango in The Night collection, 5 models from Large Hobo, medium satchel, purse and the variety of colours is stunning. The snakeskin crossbody on the right is the Belinda model that comes in several colours next to the white Alice satchel crossbody available in four colours.

Gorgeous Jade bag will hit the shops in January and it will be available in Cerise, Black, Tan and Chocolate. while the Sign Your Name bag might be the right treat for you while waiting for the Spring Summer collection to land at the various stockists. Buying any bag on the website  will give £ 1 toward the Cancer Research UK project. Keep an eye on the website for competitions and other events, celebrate a quarter of a century together with Fiorelli.


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