Helen Rochfort Handbags

Handbags are those kind of accessorises that never bore anyone. The more the better and we like to have a handbag for each occasion, matching every dress in our wardrobe and even matching the weather outside. So I believe that introducing Helen Rochfort Handbags will be a pleasure for me and a pleasure for you to discover.
Helen Rochfort designs handbags which are quite a small work of art. The Poppy and Alice bags named after her daughters are all individually hand drawn making them all a kind of one offs because no two bags are the same. As well as handbags Helen Rochfort designs beautiful scarves and Peter Pan collar necklaces.

The style is very vintage with frame handbags depicting scenes from fairy tales like Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland and delicious clutch bag in the same design.

The colours are bright and the shape is great because it gives space inside for mobile phones, purses and sunglasses.

For the 50th Anniversary of the doll Sindy, Helen Rochfort designed a whole collection of frame bags and clutches, they look like very pop art style with the images of the iconic doll on the front. Having a bag like this it means that instead of storing it in the wardrobe you can display it on a shelf like a piece of art.

This is a Bespoke Frame Handbag, a vintage bridal style bag where the initials of the bride are personalised on the front by Helen Rochfort using ribbon and diamantes. It is a perfect gift for the bridesmaids as well.
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