Tramp In Disguise Arabian Nights AW 2013 2014

I love colour and winter should be a season where colours should be the first important thing when creating a fashion collection. The weather is cloudy, grey, miserable, so a splash of colour will make everyone instantly happy and cheerful. Tramp In Disguise will give you that feeling as soon as you will wear one of the latest collection for Autumn Winter inspired by the Arabian Nights.
The jacket is fantastic, metallic leather in a lavender shade with a floating fabric in a beautiful print which can be detached for a somber look. Here it is paired with a pair of leggings and a shirt in the characteristic colours that remind us of symbols found in the tales told by Scheherazade  in the book " 1001 Nights".
Great skirt with black fringes teamed up with a top with sheer fabric.  The palette for the seasons at Tramp In Disguise is bright with oranges, purples, reds, pinks, golds and blacks. Just what we need to see on a rainy day.

This dress is very sweet and actually it is a transitional piece because it can be worn in winter with a long sleeves top underneath and in the summer like  in the picture. The fabrics are gorgeous, we are talking cotton silk mix, satin silk, crepe de chine,  silk Georgette, foiled leather, silk jersey and the knitwear is a silk and alpaca mix. Everything is so soft and beautiful at the touch.
This purple trousers are beautiful and the belt has got tasselled ends. The pleats at the waist hide lot of sins. The jacket has got a peek a boo hole at the back and its print looks like it came out of a royal palace stained glass.    
It is a great outfit, perfect for a party that during the cold seasons are aplenty. In this number never mind the weather, the result will be great and at the same time nobody will risk a cold because no skimpy dresses will be in sight ( and you can change your shoes in something warmer left at the cloakroom).

The top with a diagonal zip is very flattering, teamed up with this pair of trousers in a deep blue colour. The print is fantastic and all of them are created by the designer Sini Moilanen. Obviously this collection will be available at the end of the summer but check her website for the current collection

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