Oliver Sweeney Autumn Winter Collection

This time we think about menswear with the latest Oliver Sweeney collection of luxury footwear. The shoes are of a very high quality, most of them made in Italy with the best leathers available. An Oliver Sweeney pair of shoes will last forever, it is one of the investment pieces that should be in any man's wardrobe. The models are classic but some of them include a creative twist in order to be different.
This model is called Tunstall and pairs Japanese denim Kurabo Selvedge with calf leather for this striking pair of shoes. The model is available in tan and black with the denim insert. I am sure it will be a favourite of most men because it  is different from the usual man footwear still retaining a classic shape but giving an edge with the denim.

I love these trainers, the shape is that one of the classic plimsolls but they are made with recycled hosepipes. I'm very keen with  everything sustainable and ethical and these shoes are another example of what can be done with a bit of creativity and material that would be discarded.
This model is called Sissa, it is made in Italy and the craftsmanship behind these pair of shoes is huge. A great work has been done to give this polished and iridescent effect. The shoes are available in either burgundy/red effect or black/blue effect.
A selection of boots and brogues. On the far left the model Hasketon with the beautiful scotch grain leather in brown/tan colour. Next to it the Benhall model brogue boot in two version with scotch grain leather on the left hand side, then the beautiful Snape models with Goodyear welted sole the first one in scotch grain leather the second one in leather and suede.
One for the ladies with this lovely collection from the collaboration of Timur Kim, fashion designer who create a line of the Emilia brogue using his prints. The collection has been seen during his show at London Fashion Week. The colours available are black, blue and multicolour with lime green and pink nuances. The prints on the shoes match the prints of the clothing collection. www.oliversweeney.com

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