Crime Thriller The Deliverance Of Evil

After shows and shows and press days and fashion events sometime we need a moment for ourselves and the best for me is relaxing with a book and a cup of tea, well with the season going towards spring maybe a Pimms and lemonade will do just as fine. I've been gripped to this thriller from italian writer Roberto Costantini who had the book translated and published in United Kingdom " The Deliverance Of Evil". I swear, it is a big book but you can't leave it until you don't reach the last page.
The book has been launched at the Italian Cultural Institute with Roberto Costantini answering questions made by journalist Barry Forshaw. The book is published by Quercus Books, the same publishing house where Stieg Larsson has been published, so they know a thing or two about quality thrillers.  The plot is set in Rome and the police inspector is depicted as a though, handsome and arrogant, well the bad guy quite a few women are attracted to.
Barry Forshaw  is with Roberto Costantini during the evening which has been very enjoyable. Lots of crime fiction's lovers questioned the writer and then they had the book signed.  I've loved it, and I can tell you, until the last page it is impossible to guess the murderer.

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