11.11.11. 12.12.12 Photographic Exhibition

Those numbers looks mysterious, this is what triggered my curiosity during a sunny afternoon near St. Paul's Cathedral. Eugenio Fontanella is an Italian photographer whose project of exhibiting 13 months of photos of London places and people has started on the 20th of April with an open air exhibition outside the famous Wren's church.
When the Cathedral closed its doors, easels have been placed in chosen spots and black and white pictures, or sepia treated ones have been displayed. Some of them look like paintings and they all depict St. Paul's and the people who happened to be there looking for shelter under the portico and while resting with the back at its columns.
The interesting bit is that all the pictures have been put on the exact place where they have been taken. People just flocked to see this unusual exhibition, which is more a project than a one off show. Eugenio Fontanella has taken thousands of pictures around London and other pop up show will take place in the coming months.

Fontanella's fine art photography linked to a streetstyle look is very lively and I am looking forward to the next exhibition, because it is going to be in some well known space where the pictures displayed will show us details that we never notice because always in a hurry.

I had to share this with you, what do you think of this exhibition? As the author says: Watch this space. Share the journey. Check out his website at www.epfontanella.com

(photos by  Karoli Czifra)

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