Them Guns Rock from L.A.

A new band in town will be the next big thing in the musical scene. Them Guns, debuted last week in UK with a private gig in a members' club in Hoxton. Fronted by Navarone Garibaldi, Priscilla Presley's son, the mood on stage is pure rock. Despite their sequinned jackets and sparkling trousers nobody has been fooled in thinking they were listening to a Las Vegas style show. Absolutely brilliant. Check the video and you too will be amazed by the charisma and the rhythm.
We went to this club on the Kingsland Road and I must confess that when we arrived at the site I've found a closed down pub, no lights on, a battered sign. I even asked if we were sure that the gig was on that night. Then we rang the bell and from an unassuming entrance we 've found ourselves  in a lush bar, with upholstered booths and a stuffed tiger at the bar. We went to the green room where we've met the band in a room with the walls completely covered by frames with butterfly collections.
From the left Kyle Hamood, Navarone Garibaldi, Chuck Holiday and Chris Hudson. Here we are in the butterfly room and the guys are ready to go onstage after being interviewed by a TV Channel with Zoe Griffin, founder of celebrity website " Live Like a VIP". They had a chat with us as well, us being media and fashion consultant Stephen Mahoney and me and they posed for a few pictures.
Devilishly handsome Navarone has his picture taken with a stuffed tiger. The reason for this picture? His hand has got  claws tattoed on his fingers, we've found a certain link between him and this royal tiger. The whole place has got a collection of taxidermy fauna and a 1970's vibe on the decor, like eye popping coloured wallpapers and rugs.

Monet is the daughter of Mica Paris and for this gig she's been doing the back vocals together with her cousin Cherry. A real rock chick clad in leather  and t-shirt, we love your style.
Navarone and Chuck onstage with their fantastic music. At the end of the gig we've received a demo and listening to it I'm eagerly waiting for their first CD.


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