0039 Italy Spring Summer Collection

0039 is the prefix telephone code to call Italy, but 0039 Italy is a fashion brand that despite its name is not Italian but it fuses a Mediterranean look with garments that are relaxed, colourful and exactly what would you take in your suitcase during a holiday to Italy. Everything is made in Italy included the fabrics sourced for its garments.
The blouse, one of the aces in the 0039 Italy production, is fabulous with its tropical print. Shorts with the same print are available as well. Here the blouse is styled with a pair of baggy jeans and a leather jacket.
I love hats, and this straw hat with floral print fabric is gorgeous. I use hats to keep my hair in place and leave just some strands out of it. On holiday a hat is vital, but even here in the UK, it might be cooler but the sun is always shining and protecting your face with a hat is one of the best methods to protect your skin from ageing.
Clashing prints is the trend of the moment, so the tropical print shorts and the checkered blouse are great together. The hues are the same so even if the prints don't match there is some kind of continuity, this is the secret for the perfect clashing prints.
I love bright colours and this bright yellow blouse is so sunny that you really need to wear a pair of sunglasses. The shorts are fabulous in a teal/blueish hue. Match the outfit with a great tan and a smile. 0039 Italy has got a great palette for this season with pastel shades or more vibrant colours like oranges, turquoises and greens.
This green dress is lovely and a great fun to accessorise it with shoes, jewellery and bags. Depending on the occasion, the choice of a pair of sandals instead of a pair of pumps, and a clutch bag versus a tote will change completely the look of the dress. Go online to www.0039italy.com to find your nearest store.


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