Home Exchange A New Way to Tour the World

Holiday time is getting closer and closer and with money always one of the main culprit for not going in a 5 stars hotel, now there is a new way to travel the world with very little expenses. Home Exchange is a a website where you list your flat or house or wherever you are living for a small yearly fee and you can swap your home with somebody else's for free, paying only the flight ticket to get to destination. I went to a press breakfast held at Kitchen & Dining Room Machiavelli at 69 Long Acre Covent Garden WC2E 9JS to know more about Home Exchange. www.machiavellifood.co.uk
While tasting fluffy pancakes,roasted vegetables and crispy bacon I've met few people who swapped their homes to go and have a holiday anywhere in the world. I've seen pictures of stunning houses with swimming pools and tennis courts, or rustic farms in France. The beauty of this Home Exchange is that anywhere in the world someone can lists a home, a farm, a castle, a wigwam.
This one for example is a romantic boat house in Amsterdam and if you fancy go to The Netherlands without spending money in a hotel, you can enjoy this different way to stay in a foreign city. Obviously to enjoy this and other places your house has to be in the list for a swap. There were people at that breakfast who swapped houses at least 16 times.
This stunning wooden house in South Iceland is another listing at Home Exchange. I mean generally the main cost of a holiday is the hotel, because now with the budget airlines selling tickets for few pounds and if you book really in advance you can pay a flight something like a tenner, swapping houses will allow you to have a great holiday wherever you want and I am sure that everyone will queue up to swap their with your home. There is a Home Exchange Gold division as well www.homeexchangegold.com  aimed at who has got beautiful houses or chateau that are not used fully and in this case they can be listed and travel in other magnificent countries living in mansions or villas. Go online at www.homeexchange.com to sign up and start planning your next holiday.

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