House of Hackney Flagship Store

With everything going around in London I hope I will be forgiven for not knowing first about House of Hackney flagship store at  131 Shoreditch High Street E1 6JE. I knew the brand having seen some of the products at Liberty but today it was my first visit  the store opened in May 2013. I was speechless, I loved the shop and I've bought a nice dress, all in one go.
Bold prints everywhere, in furniture, curtains, crockery, stationery, apparel. Vibrant colours and an atmosphere in the shop that really makes you scan the place item by item because for sure you will find something to take home. Everything is "Made in England" and we like that, after all quality is for everyone to be seen at House of Hackney and you can't have quality if made somewhere where cheap labour is involved.

On two levels, House of Hackney flagship store has got the downstairs with a display of its furniture collection, beautiful sofas with bright prints, cushions, fantastic wallpaper and garden furniture as well like deckchairs and other outdoor chairs matching the same prints available in the shop.
These curtains are beautiful, it would be difficult to choose one style, unless you pick a style for each room you want to redecorate. House of Hackney is the perfect destination to sign up for a wedding list and I've seen some lovely silk dresses that would be perfect for the bridesmaids as well, and they would be happy to wear them.
Just imagine a couple of cushions like these how would change your living room in 5 seconds. It is possible to buy fabric so if you've got an old armchair or other piece of furniture, it can be revamped with a new look.
The selection of gifts for any occasion is huge. The tea sets are great and the mugs are brilliant. At House of Hackney you've got all the celebrations from Christmas to Mother's Day to birthdays and so on sorted. Womenswear and menswear are available as well with silky dresses, thick cotton tracksuits and smooth t shirts in the most beautiful prints ever.

Hanging from spectacular screens some of the new womenswear collection by House of Hackney. I love the red dress and the swimsuits are unique with the signature prints of the brand. Today the press has been introduced to the new collection.
At the end of the view and after my shopping I've sample some delicious fruit and vegetables juice and a nice muesli while chatting with the girls at The Communications Store and with Valeria Messuti, one of the store managers. Check online at and start planning a revamp of your flat...or a room just to start.

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