Gola + Liberty Art Fabric

Gola is an iconic British brand of sportswear since 1905, mostly known for its trainers. Liberty's is an iconic British department store since 1875, so it is only natural a collaboration between the two of them. Gola + Liberty Art Fabric is here.
Liberty fabric and Gola trainers put together to make something unique that screams "British" all over the world. Plimsolls and high tops have got a revamp with bright fabrics from the Liberty archive.
Aren't they beautiful? Which one is your favourite? This peacock fabric is gorgeous but my obsession for purple doesn't leave any doubt on me, it must be the purple high tops.
Tough choice, having the space I would buy them all. And have some matching bags as well. Gola has got such an extensive catalogue of trainers, satchel bags and sportswear that a visit to one of its store is due or shop from the comfort of your home at www.gola.co.uk

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