Joules Embraces the Festival feeling

Joules is a lifestyle brand that gives you that outdoor feeling of Festival music, a camping holiday or a week end in the countryside, possibly spent in some manor houses. The style is relaxed but proper, just think of a Richard Curtis film where you would like to buy the whole wardrobe on the spot. Today I'm preparing my rucksack for a Festival week end, maybe in Glastonbury, or Chelmsford, or the Isle of Wight. Pick some idea.
The Fonda jeans are a staple during a music festival. Skinny fit and with the right shade of wash for that worn out feels without being scruffy. Jeans are a must because it might be hot at a Festival but the night is cold indeed and humid. it is wise to cover up.
The Evedon wellies are a must at Festivals. Made them glamorous by the likes of Kate Moss and Pixie Geldorf, wellies are now full of colours or details like these pair with a nice ribbon at the back. Tuck your skinny and brave the mud.
The Dolly indigo top is great for layering. we know that the weather can start cold, then it can become warmer and then again cold so layering garments is the best way to stay always stylish and dressed accordingly to the weather.
The Harbour striped top can be piled over the Dolly vest in case of a blast of wind. Available in other colours, it is a timeless style.
I love the Juliana jumper, great to wear when the weather gets a bit nippy, maybe during the last gigs in the evening. It has got  a 3/4 sleeves and a back neck opening with a small bow, matching the wellies perhaps?
The Calverly jacket by Joules will be a great help on those cold nights in a tent waiting to see the numerous gigs the day after. The pockets will be perfect for the phone, money and moist wipes.

It is not a music festival if it doesn't rain, so pack a poncho like this to stay covered and at the same time enjoy the concert. Joules has got this pink version or navy with little hoses printed.
Keep off the breeze with the Catesby scarf, great as a hairband as well if hair gets in your face, or use it as a turban. No other festival will have a stylish person like you with this outfit planned in all the right details.

The Celia hat is a nice touch if a shower starts suddenly. Folded in a pocket or in your rucksack, just pull it out and wear it. The fact that we are going to a music festival doesn't mean that we have to catch a cold or be covered in mud.
The Alby deck shoes in dark pink are fabulous. If it is not raining just wear them instead of the wellies. Your feet will be protected and we know that during a music festival you can find anything chucked on the ground, so it is better to be prepared. Joules has got great ideas for the best outfits, check online at where you can shop there and collect in store.

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