Cath Kidston Spring Summer 2014

Cath Kidston has conquered many with her vintage look. I bet that in almost all the households in UK there is at least one item by Cath Kidston, either something for the kitchen or small accessorises, or kids clothing and toys. I've lost count of all my Cath Kidston products, from bath towels, crockery, small accessorises and nightwear. The new season is inspired by holiday and old style postcards.
This tea dress is lovely, it just makes you want to book an afternoon tea in some patisserie. If the weather is not warm enough at Cath Kidston there is a nice range of sweet cardigans to match.

Asking for a cardigan? And here we are with this teapots cardi, a godsend when the weather is a bit nippy but being summer we don't want to wear something heavier. Those mugs have the right capacity for a nice cuppa.
Ready to go? With a gorgeous trolley like this and maybe with a matching bag, this is the perfect accessory for a week end break. The trolley is so lovely that it might charm the hostess for an upgrade.
This crossbody frame bag from Cath Kidston has got a vintage postcards print that takes you back to those silk scarves you could find on street markets in some holiday places, mainly on the seaside. Brighton rocks are peeping out from it.
A pair of high tops are a must and these print is beautiful.  Roses are a recurrent theme for Cath Kidston and every season a rose gets its own representation. This season has got a blue background.

I love pyjamas by Cath Kidston, I've got quite a few and they are made in 100% cotton with great prints. This one here with parrots is a classic cut pyjama with a breast pocket and string at the waist of the trousers.  This and more visiting for some serious shopping or to find out the nearest store.

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