Heaven Skincare Range

Heaven Skincare is a fabulous brand, brainchild of Deborah Mitchell who has working on it for the last 25 years, using natural ingredients and amazing combinations to bring to us women some of the best products for our skincare regime. And when two of the future Queens of UK are using these products, we know that we are onto a winning situation.
This is the Gold Label Bee Venom Mask, it is a limited edition of only 500 jars which are numbered and named especially for the lucky customers who will manage to secure it. This mask is the extra concentration version of the Bee Venom Mask which lifts, tightens and firm the skin. I've tried it and it really shows on the spot the changes. The Black Label Bee Venom Mask is an intense version of the basic one, but the Gold Label is the Rolls Royce of the range. It can be used as a mask or you can apply a small amount over your moisturiser. You will have the same effects of Botox without being  intrusive.
The Bee Venom Eyes complements the Bee Venom Mask range. This cream smooths the skin around the eyes and the combination of ingredients like Manuka Honey, Rose and Lavender essential oils, as well as being delicious is a strong mix that will soothes and heals the skin as well as hydrating and tightening it.
The EllaJane Celebrity Organic Skin Wipes are a godsend. They clean deeply removing stubborn make up like mascara, eye liners and everything else we use to pile on top of our faces. When using these wipes the skin feels clean and fresh. I love the fragrance and the texture of them, which is not harsh but it is made of cotton cloth like material so very soft and gentle. Perfect for those late nights when coming back home it will take only few seconds to clean your face and crash in bed.
I love body oils, they are so gentle on the skin and the fragrances are always very delectable. This Dream Body Oil relaxes and helps to gain some sleep, which is paramount in this frenetic life of ours. Lavender and Geranium are among the ingredients of this great product and the body is left smooth, silky and deliciously fragranced.
Another product that I love and I've always keep with me in my bag, next to my computer and on my bedside table is a good hand cream. The Vanilla Pod Hand & Nail Cream by Heaven Skincare is a real treat for our tired hands and nails, especially if we are always at the computer typing away. The fragrance of the vanilla makes you want to eat this heavenly product and when in front of a nice film I always spend some time massaging some cream on my hands, cuticles and nails. Try this cream on your feet as well especially on cracked heels. Now it is the right time for some serious foot regime before start wearing sandals.
Last but not least, another item that I love and that is always present in my home. candles are so uplifting and Heaven Skincare has got a range of three candles that will leave your rooms smelling deliciously. The Breath Candle has got eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils to help breath easy, the Dream Candle with its sandalwood and lavender essential oils ease away the tensions of the day and the Affection Candle with its vanilla and coconut essential oils is perfect for a romantic evening at home. Check for more heavenly products at  www.heavenskincare.com where you can find a list of salons using Heaven Skincare products and to buy online your favourite treats.


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