Tumi Leathergoods

It is funny how you read about something and then the day after you see that thing. I was reading a thriller where the main character was running away from dangerous murderers carrying everything in her Tumi satchel which was mentioned every 4 pages. Obviously the author is a fan of this American brand. Well the day after I was at the Tumi Press Day, trying to picture in my head the bag which was an important part in this novel I was reading.
This red beauty is the Santa Monica model. The leather is gorgeous and smells deliciously, I love the smell of leather and I can't help myself, when in front of some leather goods my first instinct, and my first action is to pick it up and smell it. The external pocket is perfect for those items you need quickly like home keys and Oyster card. It is available in grey and tan as well.
The Cloud 7 for Tumi dog carrier is perfect for travelling with your pet. It is comfortable and there is enough space for a small dog. There are four air vents and the internal lining is removable so it can be cleaned after a journey. This is the perfect gift for a dog lover , or if you are a dog lover with style, this is the best purchase for your little furry friend. There are pockets for documents and you can add to the shopping a travel dog bowl as well.
I love colour and these small accessorises are so beautiful it is impossible to leave them in store. The orange wallet is bright and easy to find inside a bag, and the business card holders  are so sweet. The choice of colours is huge with all the shades of the rainbow.
Another two model from the Santa Monica collection the Latimer in tan and grey. Beautiful crossbody with the front pocket perfect for a tablet or other similar gadget. At the back from the Alpha Bravo collection the Wilcox Tennis tote with the front pocket ready to store your tennis racket.
These suitcases will be visible on the luggage belt at the airport. The Tegra Lite Collection is made of a very light material so it won't be heavy at the check in desk but it is made of  Tegris, something that is used for Nascar race cars and protective gears for NFL players. This material is an exclusive for Tumi. Gorgeous colours like Bordeaux, green, burnt orange as well as black, white and grey.
Very playful these collection of suitcases with bright prints  by Jonathan Adler travels with Tumi and the "Are we there yet" luggage line from the Vapour collection. personally I love bright suitcases, it is easy to spot them at the conveyor belt at the airport and no mistakes or swaps due to being tired or in a hurry. Go online at www.tumi.com to check where is the store nearest to you or to indulge in a bit of shopping.


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