Belle Sauvage Autumn Winter Collection 2013

It is true the everyone remembers the first love or the first kiss. In Belle Sauvage 's case, it has been my first ever fashion show and I will remember forever. So I was quite happy to see this fantastic fashion couple's new collection. Gothic and baroque and Renaissance  are the inspiration for this season. The patterns are very rich, reminding me of tapestries  hanging in medieval  castles. The colours used are red, purples, black while fabrics range from crepes, wool, taffetas and jaquards. The style is quite tailored with pencil skirts, blazers and dresses. The print of the Tigers against the Dragons give that hint of Far East look seen as well on make up and hairstyle for the models.

Virginia Ferreira and Chris Neuman are behind the label Belle Sauvage and now they've got a huge following thanks to their collections, always wearable and the prints that are a signature for the brand.

This fur cape in purple is gorgeous and match perfectly the outfit. We need colours during the cold, dull winter months and Belle Sauvage collection gives us just what we need, colours.

Dresses became my new staple. This one for example would be perfect with thick tights, maybe in some colour that could recall one in the print. Or it can be worn as a tunic over a pair of denim or black leggings. And in the summer, ditching the fur collar is perfect on its own.
Another favourite of mine with the purple print. It really takes you through all the year, just changing the accessories and you've got a new look every single time.

This outfit is amazing. The magenta fur cape and the suit is something that will put a smile on everyone's face, especially if worn on a cloudy day. The print is exquisite, with Belle Sauvage there will always be high quality patterns and prints.
At the end of the show Virginia Ferreira and Chris Neuman are greeting their guests. The show at the Freemasons Hall organised by the Fashion Scout  was packed, literally hundreds and hundreds of people came to be amazed by this fantastic show, a guaranteed success from this golden couple of the fashion industry.

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