Launches at the West End

It is a time for launching new ventures and projects and in one night it can happen to be invited to different events to celebrate something new. This is just a normal evening where fashion and food went hand in hand.
First stop at the Hippodrome Casino for the launch of Kapow! PR and  the international launch of the magazine Urban Coco.

Quite few celebrities came for the party. On the red carpet Madelaine Duggan and Cheryl Fergison from Eastenders and Baroness Oona King posed for the paparazzi while inside assistant coach for Tottenham Hotspurs Steffen Freund posed at the branding board for me and the photographers onsite.

From the Hippodrome, a short walk took me to 21 Romilly Street Soho W1D 5AF in a beautiful Georgian townhouse, the discreet site of the French restaurant Gauthier for the launch of the book " Vegetronic" by the  Michelen starred chef Alexis Gauthier. During the evening it has been possible to sample some of the recipes from the book, delicious I must admit, and then I had the privilege to receive a signed copy from Monsieur Gauthier, which I'm going to experiment with. A perfect excuse to eat more greens in a stylish way. This book is not a vegetarian cookbook at all, but it emphasises the use of vegetables putting them on the front rather than being just a side of the main dish.

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