Carlotta Actis Barone Autumn Winter 2013 2014

Carlotta Actis Barone will never "only" create a collection. All her designs have  cultural inspirations  that  set her apart from other fashion designers. Social messages, revisited operas and this season contrasts are the star of the catwalk with monochromatic  garments. The images and the concept references for this season have been inspired by the Italian artist Manuela Corti and two of her original 1990s works have been given exclusively for this collection for the prints on some of  Carlotta Actis Barone's creations. The slogans for this season are " Fashion Forgery " and " Fashion Clockwork".
As you can see the clothes are very sophisticated, black and white the main palette with cream and grey for a bit of a twist.
This sheer long dress with shorts underneath is beautiful and I like the diagonal cut of the top. Gives movement and a figure.
This coat is gorgeous and the lining sports the Manuela Corti  work of art. The leggings have the same print on the side and the top in total black with the white hem is just great.

Monochrome  dress with sheer pleated skirt. The contrast is evident between strong and soft materials.
In here as well the sheer net is in contrast with the fabric for a peek a boo effect.

Evening dress in dark grey and black with contrast of soft net and opaque jersey.

Carlotta Actis Barone at the end of the show greets her guests.

"photos by Marco Fazio, LBIPP, mjfstudio photographic bureau"
Backstage at the Freemasons Hall for the Fashion Scout, during London Fashion Week just before the show, Carlotta Actis Barone, artist Manuela Corti and me.

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