Cosmetics A La Carte Stay Put Eyeliner

Cosmetics A La Carte makes the most delectable cosmetics, I've used them regularly and they last long on the dace, they smells deliciously and the choice of colours is enormous. The shop is at 19b Motcomb Street Knightsbridge SW1X 8LB. The idea that any cosmetic in store can be personalised to suit the colour and composition of the skin is amazing and with 30 years experience and the fact that this company has been founded by two chemists is a better guarantee that anything else.
I've been testing their fabulous  " Stay Put Intense Liner", a product that is going to be a fixture in my make up bag. The black colour, the precise nib, the drying time of only 15 seconds and the fact that it stay at its place until removal at the end of the day are all factors that make this eye liner the new best friend of all of us.
I've road tested it while on the bus. Raise your hand if you've never had your make up applied while on public transport....I can't see many hands up, so all of you know what does it mean apply a liquid eyeliner while on the go. We all end up looking like that David Bowie cover " Aladdin Sane" with the lightning on our faces. Well, with the "Stay Put Liner" no mistakes like that, the trait is firm and it doesn't smudge. Easy to draw a flick as well. Pop at the shop in Knightsbridge or order online for this amazing tool of beauty.

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