KTZ Autumn Winter 2013

KTZ shows are always much coveted because of the breath of fresh air and ideas that this team of designers bring every season to an audience ready to be surprised by the bold designs of the collection. Staged at the Courtyard Tent in Somerset House during London Fashion Week the security officers had to contained a huge queue eager to see the new collection.
This season the invitation came in the form of a tarot card. The inspiration for this collection already appealing to me.
And I wasn't disappointed at all. All the 22 Major Arcana cards came out to life in the most striking outfits.
Tarot reading has always been a fascinating field for many with all the symbols depicted on the cards and this collection has managed to bring all the mystery surrounding this clairvoyance practise. If you ever seen a tarot deck, every single card is a small work of art, with known artists who have given their skills to create a deck especially in the last few decades. Tarot reading was born in Italy in the 15th century and it is still very popular all over the world.
I love this jumper with the " Wheel of Fortune" on the front. Teamed up with a white shirt underneath it complete the circle of life from the lightest colour to the darkest one.
In here I love the collection of jewellery. Chunky chain holding huge tarot cards charms. And the wrist cuffs are bended tarot cards. I think that they may feature in my wish list.

This coat remembers the Order of the Golden Dawn, an esoteric society whose members included one of the wickedest man in the world Aleister Crowley creator of one of the darkest tarot decks in existence. One meeting points of the Golden Dawn members wasn't so far from Somerset House where the show has taken place. The Covent Garden area has always been very occult and esoteric.
The card number VI or 6 is the favourite of everyone because it calls for the lovers, so it is a love card. This beautiful ensemble with  fur patchwork will give just the warmth of a lover's embrace.
Bright and colourful, I love this dress and the clutch bag that is a huge tarot card is a favourite of mine. The print reminds me of the back of a tarot card, often as beautiful and arty as the front. I'm looking forward to see the collection in store and maybe gift myself with something. I will either go to 57 Greek Street in Soho W1D 3DX or at the Notting Hill one at 86 Golbourne Road W10 5PS.
The duo of the Kokon Tozai aka KTZ label Koji Maruyama  head of design and Marjan Pejoski creative director and the end of the show greeting their guests. www.k-t-z.co.uk

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