Art13 London

I've taken a break from one show to another, from one fashion event to another and I went to Olympia for this edition of Art13 London, a fantastic exhibition where art installations and art galleries displays occupied the Grand Hall for the first weekend of March. Works of art were on sale and I must say that some of them were quite reasonably priced, even if not from very famous artists, but in art everything is subjective so if a work of art makes an impression on somebody it doesn't matter if it is not of "museum material". Art is made for who can appreciate it no matter if the artist is famous or not.
This is a live performance of artist  Helena Hunter who interacts with people from the audience inviting them for a one to one conversation helped by a Victorian writing device called " planchette", traditionally used for sessions in which the guests are trying to communicate with the spirit world. This performance is called " Conversation Piece" and it attracted many visitors and the "conversation" drawn with the planchette will be left on the paper forming something abstract.

Approximately 6000 oranges form this pyramid created by the artist Roelof Louw. "Soul City", the name of this conceptual sculpture is the inspiration after a visit to the Covent Garden market where fruit and vegetable are sold wholesale. In this work, seen for the first time in 1967, the oranges are stacked in the shape of a pyramid and visitors are invited to take one and by doing so the sculpture will change the shape and the dimension at the end of the three days' exhibition at Olympia.

Scotland born Mhairi Vari has created this sculpture using luxurious silk ties, polystyrene balls and jubilee clips. The title of this work is "LOL Memory" which is the read only memory used in the Apollo guidance system. Mhairi uses discarded ties in this work that for its form has got no limit, this installation could go on forever just like this computer science transferred on this work.

I loved this installation by artist JeonHwa Choi called " Breathing Flower".  The work made with fabric and inflated with the help of an electronic pump really attracted many visitors. There were at least two of these flowers, but one was black and I'm keener on colours.
This huge installation is by Zhu Jinshi and it is called " Boat". It is made with bamboo, cotton and 8000 sheets of rice paper. This kind of installation are not new to Zhu Jinshi, another one is on permanent display at Vancouver Art Gallery.
One gallery had some of its paintings hanging on a wooden panel and underneath there was the name of the artist and the price written in pencil. This Bansky print made me laugh because of its price tag " £ ridiculously expensive".


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