Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days

Four new Ukraine fashion designers have been launched with the Mercedes Benz fashion showcase during London Fashion Week at Fashion Scout, held at the magnificent Freemasons Hall.
Anna Kolomoets, Iuliia Paskal, Yasya Minochkina and Anna October, shared the catwalk with four mini shows sewed together.
The show introduces these four new fashion designers all of them recently graduated but with firms ideas in mind and a precise goal, leaving a mark in the fashion industry.
Anna Kolomoets is the youngest of the group of these Ukraine designers. Her debut came when she was only 16 and now she is studying fashion design  in her country. I love this monochromatic ensemble and the coat with the leather sleeves in contrasting colour.
Yasya Minochkina enhance the female body with garments that give curves and using silk, velvet and brocade. This collection takes inspiration from the Hollywood glamour in the 1950s. I like the Prince of Wales fabric in pastel colour. It is something that Katherine Hepburn would have wanted to wear it.

Iuliia Paskal  has founded her label " Paskal" in 2010. Graduated as an architect, she transferred her professional formation into fashion. This black coat with metallic inserts is very new and I love it. It is perfect for those grey wintry days, the metallic fabric might catch some sun rays  for a mood boost.

Anna October uses high quality fabrics and a great attention to details. This coat follow the body's silhouette and the metallic trimmings give light to the whole outfit.


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