Sweaty Betty

This is the time when we overindulge in eating and drinking, but given that new year is looming and every year we come out with the new year resolutions, for once we can stick to them because for example be fit and stay fit will be stylish with the new collection at Sweaty Betty. I've seen plenty of colours and some sport  gear that really gives a push in starting some new fitness activities.
Soft fabrics and colours for a range that invites you to some slow and relaxed movement. Cycling, always wearing something bright of course, enjoying a lazy afternoon, if going away on holiday, when the time doesn't control our lives, it could be the right start for a new fitness regime.
This top from the Admiralty range is inspired by the admiralty charts. The whole collection takes its inspiration by the architecture of boats, sails and the 1950s years when sailing was the glam choice of past time at that time. This work out vest is fantastic with details in contrasting colours.
All those mince pies and exotic cocktails drank during the festive season will be out of our system while exercising wearing this ensemble and running at the gym or at some charity marathon. I love  this combo of leggings, sport bra and top. At Sweaty Betty is fun to try combinations and matching garment for the right outfit.
If feeling conscious of wearing a small top in a gym or if you don't want to die of pneumonia while running on the street, this shirt is perfect with its long sleeves and lightweight sweat-wicking fabric. The thumb holes are great details and practical as well. A staple for layering.
The Admiralty leggings match the top, they are made of a breathable fabric and they model the legs giving them a nice shape with stitching details at the knees.I find them great and I would wear them with a tunic or a jumper even if I'm not exercising. I've seen leggings on the street and these can be tough competition among the offers in shops. Check online for more inspiration www.sweatybetty.com or visit one of the shops or concessions around UK.


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