Anna Coroneo Pop Art Scarves

it is not a mystery that I love colours and when I see lots of them, I fall in love instantly. This is happened with Anna Coroneo scarves. This beautiful artist/designer is from Australia but I can say that Anna Coroneo is a citizen of the world because she's studied in New York and lives in London as well. Her scarves have this pop art style with huge diamonds drawn on them or flowers, and fruits.
Aren't they gorgeous?  I love this gemstone print, inspired by the drawings you can find on a precious stone certificate to explain the cut used in the stone. Facets are depicted as the table of the stones in different vibrant colours.
This "Ladybirds" print is great and some of the huge catalogue of scarves by Anna Coroneo can be bought at, because at the moment this fantastic designer is not stocked in a UK shop....yet.
The sizes of the scarves range from small pocket square or a big scarf that can be worn in different styles from a top to a belt or head wear. if any one of you is lucky enough to go to NY, a visit to Bloomingdale's is worth it because it is where Anna Coroneo scarves are stocked.
The palette of colours is endless, owning a scarf by Anna Coroneo is like owning a work of art. To make her scarves the best Italian silk has been used and if you think that her style looks familiar, it is because maybe you've been to one of her art exhibitions in the United States. Check her collections at

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