Green Land Yummy Beauty Products

When viewing the Green Land range of beauty products I have been transported to a journey where my olfactory sense has been spoilt by the utterly delicious fragrances used in this vast selection of creams and body washes. The whole range is organic and the prices are exceptional. Let's look at the different collections.
From the "Balm and Butter" range, this lip balm will be the faithful companion in your handbag. There are not parabens, no artificial colourants but only natural butters. The fragrances available are strawberry, papaya, mango, coconut, passion fruit and pomegranate. As well as lip balms, the range comprises of body butters. The lip balm costs £ 4.95 while the body butter is £ 7.95. Gift sets are available.
The "Fruit Emotions" range paires up two essentials oils in each products and the result is fabulous. Shower gels, body butters, bath oils, hand creams and scrub salts are available in this range with essential oils match like mint and lavender, one of my favourite, coconut and tangerine, which I think it is very festive, lime and vanilla, fresh papaya and lemon and energising grapefruit and ginger.
The "Fruit Extracts" range is exactly what it says, juice extracts from fresh fruit combined with the best cocoa butter, shea butter and apricot seeds. With fruits like apple, raspberry, mango and papaya this is really 1 of your 5 a day.
The "Milky" range nearly made me want to spread some of those delectable creams on a slice of bread, the fragrance was so yummy because Green Land used real almond milk, yogurt, coconut milk and rice milk. This body care range will give extra moisture to the skin while pleasing the sense of smell as well.
The range "Pure & White" is a collection of hand creams, body lotions, body oils, body butters, body scrubs and shower creams. The ingredients are extracted from plants grown organically so no pesticides or other chemical stuffs are involved. I love hand creams and my favourite fragrances are French lavender and rosemary and Bulgarian rose and patchouli. All the ingredients have been sourced in Europe like the Italian lime, used together with vanilla. Go online to discover all Green Land products at and then blame me for the fact that you won't manage to leave the site without buying something from it.

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