Radley Spring Summer Collection

2013 can't end without one of my posts about bags. Radley fits perfectly with a vibrant collection and stunning shapes for its lines of accessorises. Inspired by the English country meadows and using a palette of colours taken by flowers like poppies, buttercups, roses and produces like honey, apples, rhubarb and peppermint, the collection has got fantastic new models as well as some of the best sellers like the Grosvenor and the Johnston.
The lovely tote at the back is the Dayton with its matching mini purse. Beautiful lavender colour, the same model will be in red, pink, turquoise, green, yellow and white, more aptly called rhubarb, rose, cornflower, apple, buttercup and snowdrop. The classic structured bag at the front is the Aldgate available in lavender, rhubarb, snowdrop, rose and black.
I love the hand woven leather and this beautiful messenger bag, the Grosvenor in a fantastic red shade it is one of those bags which are a staple in our wardrobe. The Kirkwood clutch with its half moon shape is another of those classic accessorises to be loved and used.
A trio of beauties. My favourite is the hand woven barrel bag Kirkwood in the middle but the Laine bags are tough contenders because they are gorgeous as well. The Kirkwood can be bought in this sweet honey colour or red or black and the other two models have got the same choice of colours.
The Hemlock is the classic doctor's bag and its shape is stunning. Radley designed a matching purse as well and the colours available are red, tan and black. I love colours so maybe I would go for the red one even if the tan one is beautiful and it will be even more so when the leather will age naturally.
A collection of fun wellies have been designed by Radley in order to brave the spring rains and be stylish at some music festival. Available in a red background with stars and polka dot, purple detailing and drawings inspired by horse racing and a grey background with little hearts and the signature logo of the Scottish terrier.
The Johnston has got a fantastic soft leather and the colours are straight out from an ice cream parlour. This is the perfect bag to store everything you need during the day, it is roomy and the wide shoulder strap assures comfort. The beautiful colours available are red, pink, lavender, a bright turquoise, a sunny yellow and green. It would be difficult for me to choose among all these gorgeous colours. To know when all these beauties will hit the stores check online at www.radley.co.uk

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